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These are the different basses and guitars I use live and in the studio. Click on any of them for a larger image and more info.
Fender P-Bass "The Wife" Yamaha Attitude Ltd. II Yamaha Attitude Ltd. II "Sister" Yamaha Custom Shop Ltd. 8 String
Fender Subsonic Baritone Strat
Yamaha Custom Shop Dropped 6 Baritone Yamaha Custom Shop Bajo Sexto Fender Subsonic Baritone Strat DiMarzio Bass
Yamaha Attitude Ltd. II Fretless Yamaha Attitude Ultra Bass Yamaha Custom Shop Attitude Double Neck Yamaha Attitude Ltd
Ernie Ball Silhouette Baritone 6 string Kramer Voyager 6 String Electric Renaissance Baritone 6 String by Rick Turner Robin Octave
Yamaha Attitude Ltd. II 10th Anniversary Edition Yamaha Custom BB3000 Yamaha Acoustic 12 String Custom Custom Bass w/ Kahler Tremelo
Epiphone Rivoli EB232 Hofner 500/5 Hagstrom FB Bass Yamaha Prototype Semi Acoustic Bass
Taylor AB3 Taylor 855 Guild F412 Alvarez Yairi JY10
Alvarez Yairi YB1 Danelectro

Fender Telecaster Yamaha TRB6P
Alvarez Artist Acoustic Bass 4070BK Yamaha APX-B12F Ibanez UV777-PBK Veillette Baritone 12 String
Yamaha GC30 Yamaha Guitalele GL-1 Yamaha APX9-12
Here's the equipment I use in my studio:

Mixing Consoles
Yamaha 02R w/ TC UnitY Card
Yamaha O1V

Programs On Mac G4
Dual Processor
M-Audio Delta 1010
Cubase VST 24
Pro Tools 5.0
Bitheadz Unity
Bitheadz Retro
Bitheadz Phraser
TC Spark (Editing)
Bias PEAK (Editing)
Native Instruments Pro 5 & B4
Native Instruments Kontakt
Propellerheads Rebirth
Propellerheads Recycle
Propellerheads Reason
Steinberg LM4
Various VST & TDM Plug-ins

Programs On PC (Win98)
Nemesys GigaSampler
Sonic Foundry's ACID
Chicken Systems Translator

Other Gear
Avalon 737sp Mic Pre/EQ/Comp
Eventide Orville
Neumann U 87 Mic
AKG 414 Mic
Digidesign 888 24 Bit Interface
Digidesign Quiet Drive Ext. Hard Drive
M Audio 1010 Digital Interface (2 - PC & Mac)
Yamaha CRW 4416SX CD Recorder
Iomega ZIP & Jaz Drives (2 - PC & Mac)
Mac G3 400 Powerbook
Yamaha EX5, CS1X, TG77, RX5, & RY30

Alembic F2B Pre-amp
Furman Sound PQ3 Parametric EQ/Pre-amp (modified)
Line 6 Pro Pod (Guitar)
Line 6 Pod (Guitar)
Line 6 Pro Bass Pod
Line 6 Bass Pod
Line 6 DL4, DM4, & MM4
Emu Proteus 2000 w/ Protozoa, Techno, & World Expedition Expansion Cards
Emu Vintage Keys Plus
Alesis DM 5
Alesis DM Pro
Mutronics Mutator
Urie LA 4 Compressor/Limiter
Empirical Labs Distressor Compressors (2)

Spectrasonics 610 Complimiters (2)
Ashly Audio SC 50 Compressors (2)
SPL Transient Designer
Retrospec Squeeze Box Compressor/Limiter
Eventide Instant Phaser
Eventide 910 Harmonizer w/ Keyboard
Alesis Masterlink
Panasonic SV 3800 Dat Recorder
M Audio Digipatch Digital Patch Bay
Roland Hand Sonic Drum Pad
Yamaha NS 10 Studio Monitors
Yamaha MSP 10 Powered Monitors
Yamaha SW 10 Sub Woofer
Cables By DiMarzio
Cables By Monster Cable
Aurelex Bass Trap Acoustic Treatment

Some of the gear I use live:
Harke Amps and Cabinets

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Strings I use:
Rotosound Strings Rotosound
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