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© Larry DiMarzio

© Larry DiMarzio


I’m very happy you are here…thanks for clicking on me! On this site I’ll post all kinds of things about music, bass playing, gear, all the bands I’ve played in and much much more. I’m very lucky and thankful to have friends all over the world…people I’ve met at the shows I’ve played and all the appearances I’ve done everywhere. So I hope all of you will enjoy the site and find it helpful and entertaining. As always, feel free to write to me anytime. I’m not always able to answer (I try!), but I do personally receive all communications to me and I’m always happy to hear from you.

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  • Bradley Towart on

    Hey old man…how longs it been, close to 40 yrs. Congrats on ur marriage, very pretty woman! Remembering the good times…McVans, He & Shes, After Dark, Cougars, etc., etc. Can you still play Mean Street (Van Halen) lol! You are still the best (my brother too). E- mail me some music when you can. Still playing over here ( Dangerous Blues Band ). Nothing but the best for you & wife! Go Bills!! Yours, Bradley

  • Brent on

    Hey Billy. I’ve been a big fan since the 80′s. I wish someone had shown me your Basic Bass Lesson video when I was first starting out in 1983. Too many teachers want to jump right into theory or start you learning songs and forget all of the fundamentals you go over in your video. By far the best video I have seen for beginners for Bass or Guitar. Great Job.

  • Deby on

    Billy, we saw the Winery Dogs at The Chance on 8/2. Great show. It was nice that you were signing stuff for your fans and taking pictures. Silly me, I took a few pictures of you and my husband and I forgot to hand him the IPhone to get a picture with me and you! Next time. We saw The Winery Dogs play the Upstate Concert Hall in November 2013 and then the second night at BB Kings in March. We couldn’t decide which show we liked the best out of the 3 of them! The disc is great. I’m wearing it out. Can’t wait for the next one! We are heading to San Diego next week. Ever been to Humphrey’s Concerts on the Bay? The hotel is great and has an awesome venue on the marina. Check it out sometime. Please come back to upstate NY. Love to see the band again. Take care.

  • Erik Kaniecki on

    I’m 44 and have been playing for about 4 years and learned under Dave DeMarco of Crack The Sky. And in a band called The Power Project and we play power blues. I just saw your bass solo when you were with Mr. Big…totally blown away!! Never knew a solo like that was even possible on a bass guitar! How do you start to put a bass solo together?

  • christian lafond on

    Billy, I am wondering how you approach play the bass? What kind of mind set you have, when you pick your bass up?

  • Himawan on

    HI Billy..greetings from Indonesia the country You visits most in asia…LoL..and thats true…(i think).. couple of times with the Famous band that i adore most….the one and only Mr.Big.. with Niacin on 1996…And you even play as additional Musician with the local famous band called GIGI.. and Keep Playing bass Billy..ROCK ON!!!!!

  • Joe Bankston on

    I commented on someone criticizing you for using Hartke .I for one am glad you use hartke..Unless you own it gig with it you wont understand.Playing it at some music store for 5 minutes thats not gonna get it.Put it through its paces.Ive seen Mr Big in Oklahoma City playing ampeg sounded great .Billy Sheehan is inspiring and humbling at the same time.I play hartke 410.215 .7000 head.love it wont play anything else .Comeback thru OKC .Still loose in Okc.

  • Kristian on

    Oh ! I see a dubbel neck with a attitude bass and a “attitude” guitar! Oh my goddd! Just the thought makes my brain spin! So cool!
    Best of two worlds! Please make one for me!
    Or just make more attitude basses! Really need one! But they are hard to find!
    Rock on!

  • Ric Lee on

    Greetings frm Chesapeake, Va- home of one of your “underground”, but rabid fan bases. A question; have you seen the new wendys ad, where they use a piece of “To be w/ you”? Cute ad, beautiful redhead, all that’s missing is a 91/92 era attitude bass in her hands for the flash shot- perhaps you could get them to add that if they continue w/ that ad campaign. Warmest regards; Ric..

  • Ray L on

    Thanks for the great show at the Tralf on Saturday. My only regret is not having a chance to see you play more often! The band was tight and seriously into it. Always a pleasure to see such talent! Rock On!

  • Robert LaFalce on

    Thank you so much for your beginner bass lesson on You Tube. I’ve watched others but you break it down to simple, layman terms. I’m 59 years old and just started my adventure this past September and am having a blast. You’ve certainly helped.
    How can I see more?
    Thanks again.

  • Kristian on

    Are there a attitude 4 around the corner?
    No limited run i hope, so can get a change to buy one!

  • Kristian on

    Cant send email ?
    Error 404

  • joe on

    Hey Billy, I’m Joe from Manila. It was great to see you and Mr. Big back in 2011, and I can’t wait to see you guys again in October. My sister is totally nuts for your incredible playing, and I’m bring her with me so she can see you in the flesh.

    Rock n Roll!

  • Jacob Wood on

    Would love to see The Winery Dogs in Charleston SC! We have a good local scene and are the #1city in the US! Love the music!

  • harvey starr on

    Hey Billy,
    It was gas to see your show in San Diego 2 weeks ago. A small crowd as the venue is out of the way, but you killed it like it was the Hollywood Bowl. Thanks for supporting your fans everywhere. And for showing me how to work Chad’s camera!
    Love and respect, Harvey

  • Paul Newnham on

    Hi Billy,
    Great to meet you backstage last night. You were an absolute gent and thanks for the strings!!!
    Looking forward to the Mr Big show in October. Say hi to Leroy, hope he still has his phone!

  • Ronny Powers on

    I just wonder WHY you didn’t endorse EBS rather than the cheap Hartke stuff?? EBS is much better quality gear and the fafner head could have been your goto head for your sound. Just seems strange that you would ONLY have EBS build you a pedal and then you slap that on an amateur/ kids amp! Only thing I can figure is…. Hartke offered you More money to play their gear.

    • A. Melendez on

      The stuff you play thru is a tool. The goal is to let the world hear what’s inside YOU. Believe it or not there are a lot of ways to get that done. I would wager that Billys’ gear choices are influenced by his personal tastes and ideas about bass sound and years of playing the crap out of a lot of stuff ! Thousands of gigs all over the world. If YOU DONT LIKE HIS GEAR CHOICES ,BUY SOMETHING ELSE. No rules here…

    • Joe Bankston on

      Ive played Hartkey for 20 years .Obviously you dont own one 410..215 stack kids stuff, hardly

  • Fara on

    Dear i play since 1992 billy as the years passed by you still are one of the most influences for me (not only in the way of play) i mean you allways have that smile and good humor thats means a lot you don keep any secret for you way of play and tell everithing to us i allways watch mostly every week your videos from bass player or anything goes on you tube when i had a bad day of playing i watch a video when i got a show one day before or hours before a show i watch and listen the message and your best wishes you tell at the end of your advance bass video and i recharge all my batteries men its awesome!!! and its a great great message and a very good advice anyway please still play and make videos you are one of the greatests bass player in the universe cheers and thanks to you for the advices !!!!!

  • Jay Tomes on

    I have enjoyed your playing over the years. A drummer myself, appreciates someone of your talent. See you at the Dog Camp

  • George Kanakaris on

    Hi, I saw an item that i don’t have : Niacin Krush 2014 Tour Edition.Can you please tell me what this is ?Where can i buy it ?Is there a 3 dvd set coming from Niacin ?THAT would be great news!

  • Raven Outlaw on

    i absolutely love everything you do! The Winery Dogs is an amazing project and your solo albums are gold! i was happy to meet you for the first time when The Winery Dogs came to Texas!! you were so nice and chill! i’m glad i saw the Houston and San Antonio show. i wish i could’ve seen the Dallas show too. you have to come back to Texas!!!!

  • Slava on

    Hi Billy, really like your music, would you ever come to Ukraine with Mr. Big? We will be very glad to see you.

  • Thaddeus (Ted) Wood on

    Hey billy,
    Met you at Sweetwater’s Gearfest on Saturday. Thank you for being so gracious and listening to me babble like a fool in the Hartke tent.. Your clinic was inspirational. Due to diabetes I have neuropathy and it has impaired the dexterity in my hands, but I am rolling my rig out again. I always taught my daughters (guitarists and singer) exactly what you said- it is all about their art. Guess I kinda lost that when applying it to myself. Thank you!

  • Peter Perry on

    wish the winery dogs would come to vermont , love you guys…great cd!!!

  • Richard Lozano on

    My wife and I first saw you guys on the Monsters of Rock cruise back on 4/2/14. When we heard the band was coming to Dallas, we made sure not to miss it. The 3 of you are all great musicians that harmonize well and have an awesome sound. And what can I say about how you play the bass? I’ve seen somewhere between 300 – 400 bands since 1979 and I’ve never seen anyone play the bass the way you do. The Jimmy Hendrix of bass players is the best way I can describe it. Thank you Winery Dogs for the gift of great music that will definitely be on our patio music playlist. We’re fans for life!

    All the Best!!!
    Richard & Gina

  • Terry Sweeney on

    Thanks Billy for an amazing show at Rascals. Didn’t get to warm up for you but still had a blast!! I’m telling my buddy Ken to make his stage bigger, LOL. You couldn’t have been more gracious, hanging out & taking the time to talk to people at the bar after the show. My signed Bass Player magazine is getting framed..By far the best show I’ve ever seen there. Please come back sometime..Thanks, Terry

  • Lana Wilson on

    So Great to have met you last night in Dallas!! My husband Kerry thought the World of you and your talent….I know he was watching from above…Thank you so very much..Peace be with you always…

  • Terry Sweeney on

    I’ll see you on Memorial Day at Rascals Live in Moline, IL. My band has the great honor of warming up for The Winery Dogs. You guys are fantastic & can’t wait to see your inspiring playing in person. I’ve been a fan since the Eat Em’ & Smile album & thought “Man, who’s that on bass???” I’m so stoked!!

  • Dave Henderson on

    Have read some articles where you mention Tim Bogert as a big influence and inspiration. Saw Tim many times with Cactus back in the early ’70s. Do not know how much you know about early Cactus, but they often opened their shows with Jim McCarty doing a solo thing (with feedback and all kinds of crazy going on). Carmine and Tim would join in and the song came to a thunderous climax. Any idea what that song was? Have no idea how to get in touch with Tim, so I was hoping you might know. Also saw Jim M. with the Buddy Miles Express around that time period. Midway thru that show Mr. McCarty did a guitar solo that had the crowd gasping and in awe of the beauty of his playing. They were opening for the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Buddy later played with Jimi on Electric Ladyland. A few months later I see JHE again and who opens for them? Cactus, with Tim, Carmine, Jim and Rusty tearing it up. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

  • Rayce Coyle on

    Hey Billy, thanks so much to you, Mike, and Richie for putting on an absolutely awesome show in Little Rock tonight. Stood in front of your MIDI board, front row, but still everything was clear. Come back to Arkansas anytime.

  • Scott Hamilton on

    Thank you for the interview last night, the show was amazing! I sent you links. Love the site!! Best of luck on the rest of the tour. Chat with you soon! Cheers

  • John Clese on

    Yo Billy!!! Saw you Sat night 5/10 in Charlotte and you blew me away!!!!. Your solo was JAW-DROPPING!!! Man, you just keep getting better and better. You’re a MONSTER on that bass! The new band kicks ass and you got into a real cool trio again (full circle huh?) Met you after the show and gave you a pick (just my little nod that I can say I gave pro musicians MY pick – heh-heh) and we talked briefly about the old days in NY. Then I pulled my piece of shit car up and cranked “Sink Your Teeth” and “NV43345″ in YOUR honor and I saw you were digging it! Saw you at the Chance in Poughkeepsie in ’83, with DLR in ’86, some bass workshop in NYC around ’85, and now this past week and man-o-man you really made me feel great and I’m really happy for you. You are a true gentleman and an amazing talent and thanks again for signing my CD. Take care Billy and Rock On – JC

  • Wiktoria84 on

    So sad, Wow that was unlucky. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.Dont know what happened.

  • Jill Lovato on

    You have remained to be consistent with your high energy, unparalleled style and commitment to keep rock safe. I viewed the top 100 songs of billboard 2013, I about puked. there is no talent. Im a lyrist and I listened to nothing worth remembering. I love winery Dogs..but have followed your music forever. I thank you for your contributions to music. Your brilliant and refreshing. I hope all the splendor and love that you seek on this wonderful journey of music and life. Peace, Jill Lovato Pine, Colorado 303-838-0711…Rock on my friend

  • Carlos Bill on

    Alô Billy Sheehan, tudo OK, amigo? Estive no seu último show com os Winery Dogs no Rio, recentemente. E…assisti ontem às suas espetaculares performances do avant-garde tema The Suspense is Killing Me. Por favor nos visite de novo.

    Billy no link Contact Me, o espaço para digitar as letras do captcha está com defeito. Não consigo “enlarguecer” o espaço da janela, assim não consigo enviar-lhe pedido de orientação…

    Bom tudo bem aqui no Rio. Estou no baixo na banda Festa Rock And Roll, mais voltada para o hard rock, tocamos Scorpions, Bad Company, essas coisas, eu solando de vez em quando…

    Uma questão (desculpe, mas é que, como disse, não consegui ainda enviar minha mensagem no Contact Me seu): quando estou, digamos, tocando com o Elvio Loving You Sunday Morning, na parte do refrão, toco umas linhas de baixo mais aceleradas, fica muito bonito, mas sinto essa permanente tendência minha, que é a de não repetir nunca sistemáticamente o mesmo desenho melódico, como sideman uso a dinâmica, sem ficar exagerando (eu nunca solo acompanhando, um horrível defeito, aceitável apenas para os baixistas virtuoses, como você, Victor Wooten, e não para sidemen como eu, mais energia do que técnic…), e aí, quando na segunda parte do refrão, volto e toco mais perto da ponte, sinto que fica bom. O que você acha? Devo continuar variando? Aquele abraço, amigo!

  • Carlos Bill on

    Hello Billy Sheehan, how are you, my friend? I was at your magnificent concert in Rio, recently. Yesterday I was taking another good look at your exciting, avant-garde soloing in the mind-reflexive The Suspense Is Killing Me and…maaaaan, that still blows me away! Please visit us again. I’m on bass with Festa Rock And Roll, my new Rio band, more rock-oriented, led by Elvio Turczineck, guitar & vocals. We play Scorpions, Bad Company, hard rock tunes. Best!


    I don’t really know anything about computers but a BIG hello to Billy from Holli Wood – I don’t know if you remember me from about 28 years ago ?? We partied and hung out when you played at a little club called Down the Road in Monroeville, PA and at a club called Harty’s Pub in Greensburg, PA. Anyway we did keep in touch for several years mostly by cards and letters. I am a skinny little lady with long blonde hair – of course !!!! HA HA !! Anyway if you should ever receive this please do call me my # is 602-368-9598. I don’t think I should be putting my number on here but oh well I’ld love to say hello. I live in Scottsdale,AZ now. Hope to hear from you ?? !!

  • Max on

    Finally! So happy! :)

  • tom on

    Been a fan since 70′s when I would get to see you in a Pittsburgh bar once a month or so with Talas. After two shows I bought A BASS!. I think I have seen you play live over 50 times. Just ordered your EBS pedal. Come to Tampa soon…

  • Pat Jeudy on

    Billy!! Great clinic in NYC Friday!! Thanks for your time in your extremely busy schedule. HOW DO YOU DO IT???
    See you April 30th back in New Jersey!!
    P.S. Thanks for the advice for my Attitude 3 about the big washer to adjust the way it sits on me!!

  • Tom on

    Looking forward to meeting you April 10th in Maryland. Ive been a fan for years, im a 25 year bassist with a real appreciation for your style. My style is very similar,,,ive been accused of being STEVE HARRIS reborn! lol. My most recent band was a pro level IRON MAIDEN Tribute called ‘ THE MAIDEN PROJECT” . W e opened for many national acts, PAT TRAVERS, LYNCH MOB, LOUDNESS, WARLOCK, DORO, DIECAST, many more,,we even did a show with BLAZE BALEY,,Iron Maidens singer while Bruce was out. When he took the stage , he looked at his band after hearing us and he looked left and right and said ” boys,,we better be on our game!”,,lol.

    Im also looking for someone to endorse my new musician products , I think youd be blown away! can we talk??

    • Tom on

      301 751 8456 / GOOD LIFE MUSIC PRODUCTS LLC

  • Dawn Z. on

    I’ve just found out you will be at a bass clinic 4/5 in Orlando, what are the chances on autographs? I would LOVE if you would sign a painting I created. :) Thank you & love your talent!! You are an amazing talent! DZ

  • Glenn Marthe on

    Anyone know when the band loads in? My son is a huge fan and would love to meet Billy before the show.

  • Mauricio Verderame on

    Billy, I’m writing a little late for your b-day. Sincerely, I wish you keep on making the music I love.
    Keep rocking, buddy! You’ve always been a strong inspiration for me, since your DLR’s days.
    Thanks for everything!

  • Tom Bergren on

    Taking my son (12) and his best friend (also 12), both aspiring bass players, to see the Winery Dogs at the Saban Theater in June. Can’t wait….

  • Vadim on

    Happy Birthday Billy ! Thank for your creativity ! When you wait in Moscow ?

  • Vadim on

    Happy Birthday Billy ! Thank for your creativity ! When you wait in Moscow ?

  • Carlos Sánchez Romero on

    Happy birthday, Billy, I am a beginner, and I hope one day I can play the half you do!!

  • MIlton on

    Happy birthday, my favorite bass player. I am one of your Brazilian fans

  • Andrey R on

    Happy Birthday sir! All the best!
    -Andrey R.

  • Edward on

    Happy birthday, Billy!!

  • Kenneth Holmstrand on

    love your music,saw you on g3 tour,how can i get a signed photo,thanks much,ken holmstrand,11385 patch st.,spring hill,fl.,34609

  • Richard on

    I remember seeing you at Rock n Roll Heaven in Toronto in the 80s when you were with Talas. I stood right in front of you, a shocking experience for me as a Maiden and Bach inspired bassist. I am truly touched that you’re still at it after so many years and inspired to not give up re my own project. I see a Big Birthdate is coming up for you so wishing you the very best health, wealth and happiness of Spirit from Toronto where I hope to see you soon with the Winery Boys.


    Richard Gudino

  • Fernando Marín on

    Awesome website Billy, it’s really cool, there are nice facts over here.
    Greetings from Chile

  • David on

    Greetings from Southern Maryland. I was excited to discover yesterday that you are scheduled to hold a Clinic in April at my local music shop. And Love your recent work with the Winery Dogs.

  • Slava on

    Thank for your vision to ensorcell the public.

  • mike brasher on

    Hey there man. I am a 43 year old fan of all your stuff from the beginning years. I have always aspired to learn to play similar to you. I have played bass since age 14 but, had a break from it for a few years (marriage, kids) and, have now been playing again for about 5 years. This Christmas I got a Yamaha bass from my wife and, am about to get a Fender Rumble 350 to rattle the windows around here. I am going to get your dvd/book combo set from a local music store and, begin from the starting point. Then as I progress I will get your advanced set as well. Any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated as well. I am a 90% disabled Veteran of Desert Storm 1991 but, I still work 40 hrs a week though its painful. The bass is my escape and, a way to express myself through music as well as helps alot with the pain and, stiffness I have in my hands. Thanks Billy Sheehan for being an inspiration to me for many years.

  • Mark F. Lawrence on

    I was 133 two solid weeks ago. What’s happening?


  • Deb Thuman on

    How’s that stainless steel fret board working out?

  • Niall F on

    Hey Billy thanks for the online lessons ! :D

    Keep on rocking

  • Andrew Padua on

    Hey Billy, Where did I put my keys? Help a brother out. XO

  • Diego Partida on

    Hi Billy, you’re the best. I’m from Mexico City and I don’t speak english but I try xD Can you bring the winery dogs to Mexico City please I want to meet you since 3 years ago

  • Manuel on

    Hello Billy

    I am Manuel from Chile
    Thanks for your music.
    I have your record with Niacin. I saw G3 in chile and yoy played in the Steve Vai show.
    Please, recomend any record of your new music

    Best regards


  • Jeff Wetmore on

    Hi, Billy!! Thanks for being an inspiration to my playing the instrument! Do you plan on bringing the Winery Dogs to the northeast? Great album! Cheers from chilly Vermont!

  • Rockin Scotty on

    Brother, I worked at Pyramid Guitars (Redford MI) in 92 You did an in store and were so humble and gave me advice I will treasure forever. Thanks brother. (i drove you to get some “Bottled Water” before it was normal.) Great advice and a true inspiration. I toured in a band with a development deal for 2 years back when I was 26. Now I own a small business and play “covers” for fun. If you got a second, check out xplodeband.com Hair 80′s cover band. You are the real deal!!! Thanks for being so down to earth, Scotty

  • Pip Reynolds on

    Greatest of regards,Billy!

    Love ya, Pip x

  • Tricky Geoff Waters on

    Hey mate, I see yr releasing a recording with Glenn. Lookin forward to it.

  • Michael Mechnig on

    Hi Billy,

    great new page!
    I am expecting the Winery Dogs DVD next week – this will be fun!

    Greetings from the guy with the first Winery Dogs Tattoo you saw;-)

    Hope you find a place in your house for the “Addicted to that Rush” print?!

    Cheers and greet Richie, Mike and Graham


  • bass on

    you are best bassGod.forever. good luck.한국에도 오세요.

  • Canberk on

    Ever Want to give a concert in Turkey?

  • Gabriel Felix on

    Heey Billy, I’m a big fan of your work, I am studying to be a good bass player and fast like you!

  • Russ on

    I’ve your playing in Talas and Mr. Big. Was just introduced to Niacin.
    I love it!

  • Pierre on

    2 words.

    Bass Camp!

  • Share Ross on

    Duuuude! It’s been way too f’n long. Site looks awesome. Love the new band. And…. I”ll see you on the Monsters boat next year with Vixen. Rock on Billy!

  • Mike on

    You’re still kicking major ass today on the bass, saw the “Dogs” show at the hard rock in Niagara Falls ! Great show !!!

  • Jim Scriven on

    Love your new Band. We met back in the 90′s. Fredonia, NY. Worked with Jamie at Lakeview DOC. He would keep me posted on your Career. Looks like you’re doing just fine. Oh ya! I also ran sound for the”ROAD”. Scriven Sound Systems. Joe knows me! Have fun! Jimmy

  • Erica Falke on

    Glad you finally got your new site live! Congratulations on all your successes. Your new band is my fav of all bands you’ve been in. Soooo good.

  • Scott VonDerfecht on

    Hi Billy, I’m a long time fan of yours. I spent many thousands of dollars trying to get close to your sound and finally got frustrated and found my own sound that I’m very happy with. In the process of looking for “that” sound I purchased a Pierce preamp that is in very good condition. It has been setting in my basement for years and I thought maybe you would be interested in it. I heard an interview where you said that you were just about out of them. Just a thought. I’ve always appreciated your perspective through the years. Thank you for your time.
    Scott VonDerfecht

  • james & nora on

    Great to see your site back up bro !
    Weve missed the never enough bass camp ;)

    James & Nora R
    Louisville KY

  • jeffrey brown on

    hi billy great website. awesome job. always been a fan of your playing.

  • Arthur P.Wallum on

    Greetings from Sunny Lackawanna NY!I’ve been a fan since 1979…Met you once or twice at Mickey Rats….Fast Annie’s,the Lake Casino…I took my 14 year old daughter to Winery Dogs in Niagara Falls. Now she knows why you are my hero.When ever some band member says “you can’t do that!” I play them some Billy. Works every time!

  • Drako on

    Bring the Winery Dogs to Charlotte! When is the next Mr. Big album coming out? Have a great 2014!

  • Andy Turner on

    Hi Billy. Great site & thanks for years of inspiration. Are you coming to Bass Player 14 in march London? Please!!!!!! Cheers

  • Arjo Miedema on

    Thanks for beiing inspiring to so many bass players like me . Great new site

  • Raka permana on

    Good luck Billy. . Where you are going to show again. ?

  • Richard C Ruh on

    Hi Billie,love all the Bass Technics an sound of the Bass Just keep enjoying playing an having a great time doing it…Be well

  • Mike DeMichiei on

    Billy, It was great seeing you again in Allentown PA last month. You guys look like you are having the time of your lives. Good for you! Thanks for all the years of excellent music. I’ve always looked up to you and can’t thank you enough for the inspiration. Keep on having a blast! We Love you. The DeMichiei clan, Binghamton, NY PS. Do you still play your old precision bass?

  • Victor Ramirez on

    Billy – Your the one all of us bass players look up to… Thanks for being there!!!!!!



  • birdie pingrey on

    Those pictures are amazing I like the one with. The pink bass the best wow I know you personally xxoo be careful

  • John Russo on

    Great to see you using this again Mr. Sheehan!!!! Looking forward to seeing it take shape. You are an inspiration to me in music

  • Javier González on

    You are the best! Will you come to Argentina after giving clinics in brazil?

  • Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby on

    You are an inspiration to me and so many others for a multitude of great reasons. Your wife is the bomb and you truly live life. I miss you and hope to see you both soon. Maybe March is a good time to visit NYC again!! Lots of love always.

  • Mark/Denise Slimko on

    Still remember the Wehrle Drive-in (78? 79?) as the frisbees were flying you played the Close Encounters riff. Good times!

  • Mitch on

    You are without a doubt, the Bassest bass player on the planet….Been a fan since Talas in 1982…….Winery Dogs is my fav. project/band you’ve ever been in……Have a Happy Thanksgiving and upcoming holidays and see you again at BB’s in March!!!

  • afsin on

    new website looks great, keep up the good work. Y,ou’re on a whole different leage, one of the most innovative and best players of all time, hands down

  • Pat Jeudy on

    Is about time, Billy!! Hero, you are!!! Thanks. See you again in the NYC area!!

  • Steve Dronzewski on

    Great site Billy! Earlier today some of us were talking in the Penny Arcade group on facebook as to who was the all time favorite band to regularly play the Penny Arcade in Rochester and Talas won by a landslide! Lovin’ the Winery Dogs!

  • Gre on

    Yea!!! Billy – I grew up in Rochester, and you were always the number ONE live show we’d do anything to see! I forged my driver’s license when I was 16 (easier to do back then, no photos) so I could go see Talas… I got grounded for driving too late on my 16 yr old license too, going to to see Talas at Beckon’s Park. I think I saw you trash at least 3 ceilings with your bass (TC Rockers, Penny Arcade, Zappias… , saw you stop a fist fight in the middle of a song (ER Junction, that was spectacular “You wanna fight someone, get up here and fight me, NOW…” stopped ‘em cold). The memories are legendary, not to mention your playing & solos that just would nearly send us into seizures of ecstacy – always felt blessed to have been witness to your talents. Glad to see all of your success since the Talas days, it was inevitable. Keep rockin!

  • Rick Young on

    Would greatly appreciate any advice on dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    • Gre on

      Rick Young – Yoga!

  • Izzy Bo Bizzy on

    Hello from Bozeman ,MT! Hope to see ya up here soon! Keep Rockin!

  • Nathaniel Puente on

    Awesome!! You rule Billy, one of my biggest inspirations as a Bassist!!

  • Vic April III on


  • doni agustian on

    you have amazing fingers, I wondering hows to get that level.I saw much appeareance of you live(Indonesia) n video. you n paul gilbert its my favorite in 1 on MR BIG,I love you Billy..

  • Andy Anderton on

    Website Looks Good, Billy! I enjoy Seeing You On TMS,and ALWAYS have Enjoyed Your music! Tour dates in the South,Please

  • Gabriel Furlani on

    Thanks for your talent!!!
    I saw in Buenos Aires, and i m your fan since Talas years!
    God bless you!!!

  • Jeff on

    Best bass player EVER. Hands down.

  • ejrocker on

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Tony Stoufer on

    Hey Billy , Glad to see you started this site … I admire you a LOT and followed you for 20 plus years. and think its great you want to be part of the internet age… I have met your’e Mr. Big band mates over the years,,but never met you face to face… hope to one day … the only thing I ask is that when you post things about songs you like , please explain why they touched you … to me that is the most important thing…its called honesty … are you ready to be honest….

  • John Turnbull on

    Really diggin’ “The Winery Dogs”….

  • Ted (Spyderfingers) Peck on

    Nice Website Billy, It is good to hear from. you on Facebook. The first time I heard you was at a concert , I think it was in Buffalo earlyseventies. Our band Music Uinion opened and then Monolith and then headline band Tallas and you blew me away with your playing and you are still improving all the time. You are one of the best.

  • Robin Linn on

    I have been in musical love with your bass playing for a long, long time. I look forward to learning what you are up to and reading about your gear. I am turning into a bit of a gear nut. I crave certain bass tones……not just one….but many. I think I seek them out in the music I listen to. You have satisfied that craving on more than one occasion. I am also a music columnist from the California deserts. I will share news of your site with my readers. They share similar musical tastes with me and will be happy to learn of your new website.

    Peace and Love,
    Robin Linn
    Desert Rhythms
    The Sun Runner Magazine

  • Thales de Souza on

    U are my master, I loved your job and learn with you.

  • Roman Prokopenko on

    Hello, Excllent website, Billy. It was my dream to see you in concert for many years. I come from Russia and livein Pittsburgh now. I play bass all my life so you are my idol for many years. Finally I saw you live with winery dogs. I was shocked. You are incredible as I always thought, I am glad you are going strong. Definetely you are inspiration for me.

  • Cristhian Wendler on


  • Carolina Pèrico on

    Great..! Finally, the site was updated! The new pics are awesome, I love it… I hope to see the gallery about “Geat” again….
    The site looks fantastic, congrats! I hope you come back to Argentina soon! Hugs!

  • ponche nuno on

    Billy you are my man

  • ryan haggans on

    The page looks good. Cant wait to see more.

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    CHEERS TO THE MAN!!! Love ur style a true artist!

  • Frankie on

    You’re the man Billy! Rock on!

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    Great stuff man! Love the site and everything on it! Rock on and God bless Billy Sheehan!

  • Gabb on

    GREAT! You’ve updated the site, I hope to see you live in Argentina at some show or in a bass clinic
    ‘re my biggest inspiration and I look like a person but you do not get from, Greetings from Argentina!

  • shafi on

    i’m a huge fan from colombo ”shri lanka”. i’m also a guitarist by profession. and i love mr big… cheers
    please thank paul gilbert from all us rock guitarists in colombo.

  • wasantha gamage on

    I like your playing style and love to watch your videos

  • Durk Hofman on

    Great for having this updated again! I just got your sig. overdrive pedal and it rocks! I love it.

  • Jeff Jacob on

    Billy. Great stuff bud. I saw you (last) with Mike Portnoy, Tony Macalpine, and Derrick Sheridian at the BB King club in NYC. Thoroughly enjoyed the show, particularly you engaging Mike in duals of insane intrumental feats. I am still hopeful of a Niacin production, tour, anything….Peace brother.

  • Michele. M Seefeldt on

    Glad your back around . used to work at Mothers in lockout but nights off or early out meant coming to see either The Road or Talas at Keystone 90s,or StudioWest. or where ever y’all were playing. glad to see you’re. back around look forwards. to seeing you play around here. keep a rockin!!!

  • Nishant Fadnavis on

    Love the music, man! You’ve been an inspiration (though I am a hobby drummer) – from Mr Big to Niacin to the innumerable solo projects to the recent collaboration with Mike Portnoy – and I can’t thank you enough for providing the much needed support (through your music) through troubled times. Love, joy n blessings from India! If you’re ever visiting, I would love to meet you! And if you need any kind of design – visual communication – I’d just love to do it, man! Keep rocking, Billy!

  • Gabryella on


    Great new website!!
    Can you take a look my MR. BIG fan clube? :)
    It’s not finished but….


    It’s amazing your job, you have a lot of fans believe me Brasilian’s loves you!!

    Bye bye!! :D

  • Jana Henychova on

    Hi Billy… Nice to see news about you… hope in future will be to visit your gig in Czech republic too with Winery Dogs and to see together my favourite musicians – you and Richie Kotzen :-P

  • doug on

    So glad you’ve got your own site Billy. A real hero of mine and I’m a drummer!

  • Victor Peters on

    Congratulations on your updated website! If you’re looking for additional photographs of yourself during live performances, please check out my website and drop me a line. I’d be happy to supply them to you in full resolution and for FREE. Hope to hear from you.

  • Hal Bellone on

    Hey Billy, I met you back in ’08 at the Yamaha Custom Shop in LA when I was on the Yamaha Rosewood Tour going to Japan & China, at that point I didn’t know who you were or are! Since then I have found as much of everything you are connected with musically! What first made me a fan was meeting you and finding out how humble and nice you are and from then on I dug in to Billy Sheehan! Mr BIG blows the doors off of everything I heard! Thanks Hal.

  • Joe Motley on

    Thanks for the site. You are an inspiration.

  • Bipal on

    Hello! Mr billy congratulation for your new website..you r the master bass..i am your big fan, and i am inspired from you.

  • John Snow on

    Great – it is the 21st century. Welcome aboard. Billy you don’t need a stinking website to make you the best, but we the fans appreciate it!!

  • Sarahlee Ackmann on

    Great gentleman to see this amazing web site……but above all to c you among us :)

  • Jose on

    Hi Dear Billy,

    Congratulations…Real nice to see your new website updated
    Also thank you for the new Video about your latest Clinic real good man!
    Peace and Light…

  • moses lagrawn on

    you are my hero.

  • Anas Ayad on

    Hi billy … you are awesome , you are amazing , you are the best !!
    I wish to be like you someday ..in my own way ofc :-)
    keep it up .. Nishi from #Libya

  • Jose on

    Congratulations Dear Billy,

    Real nice to see your new website,Keep well and Rocking

    Peace and Light…

  • Big Tom Wilczak on

    Winery Dogs awesome show at Hard Rock Niagara Falls USA October 26th,2013. Our VIP tix so worth the price of admission being so close to the stage and getting the fist bumps and high 5′s was so cool. The heart you all poured into that performance was just incredible. Richie sang and played his ass off, Mike was insane on the drums, and Bill, words just do not describe your Bass skills, truly the best. thanks for a great show, come back again so many people missed the show and are still talking about how they wanted tickets, and could not get them because it was a sellout.

  • Moonchild on

    Great to see your new site up and running! Hope you will continue to keep it updated with events, news, pics, etc.

  • Wil Kelm on

    Great update…….better late than never!

  • Wil Kelm on

    Great site……better late than never!

  • Ron Klanitz on

    Hey Billy, I’m a Tonawanda boy and grew up with you & the Reinhardts, Dave S, the Freelands and so on. Been following you through the years. You did a clinic at Ken East about ten months ago and my son was the tall 14 year old Bass player with the blonde ponytail, he wants to be like you! Rock on brother!

  • Darwin L. Jervoso on

    the best!!!!

  • Mark Francis Tully on

    Thanks for the strings after the London show!

  • Chris Terrill on

    Billy, I love the new site. Keep on rocking with your projects!!! Go Winery Dogs, Mr. Big, Niacin!!! Best Bass player on Earth!

  • Michel van Son on

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    Good to have the website back Billy.

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    Very good place, i’d been watching the photos. i like it


  • John Chentfant on

    I have to say Billy, Honestly I have followed your career since the first Talas album. I’ve seen many Talas shows in the Wny area that were so inspiring.They have leftt there mark on me today as a bassist of 37 yrs. Heck I even met you a few times, and you are just as great a person as you are a bassist. Keep rockin and I will do the same.

    Take Care, John

  • Hopa on

    You are an amazingly talented musician! Thank you!!!

  • Brian Theilemann on

    Billy, Your bass playin’ has always inspired me and my bass playin’ . All the way back, when I first saw you jammin’ with Talas. Thanks man !! \m/ !!!

  • Raimundo Miranda Neto on

    Very good viewing of this bass YAMAHA but he is guitar pickup neh ‘

  • Domim on

    Its an honor to be one of your fans,god bless you and be safe.

  • Andrés Felipe Pinzón Hernandez on

    Greetings from Colombia Billy! Thanks for sharing so much life through your music! You and your pals are a true inspiration for musicians like me… Thank you. Sólo gratitud contigo, con ustedes, con su trabajo, con la música… Abrazo gigante, mucha gratitud y felicidad de enviar este mensaje! Vida y música!

  • salmane on

    Greetings from morocco , am a big fan Billy :)

  • Mark on

    I love your style bass playing. I will enjoy the new web site.

  • spiro arapoglou on

    Hi Billy.H ave been checking you out since your DLR days.Hope to see you live in Greece some day,keep on rocking!!!!!!!!!!

  • maleen on

    finally!…been waiting for this for ages,Billy. I was one of the lucky ones to have my email answered by you,TWICE! that was when you had your bass clinic here in Manila…hope to see you again soon,take care!

  • Lara Coimbra on

    I loved your website!
    It was about time!

  • msnrc on

    Update – at last!

  • Ted martin on

    From one bass player to another, you keep me thinking outside the box. Much respect to you.

  • Kevin Terrill on

    A new Face for the website! Wonderfull,For the greatest bassist on Earth!!!

  • Dave Sullivan on

    Love the Site…. and STILL Want that Bass!! Thanks for all the music through the years!!

  • allan b on

    Hey Billy.

    Great site via mobile using the Samsung s4.I’ll check it on the p.c soon. I want to say thanks for answering questions I’ve had about bass in the past. Its really rare that someone as busy as yourself would take the time to talk with fans. You sir are a class act. Enjoy your many successes. Hope to see you tour to Edmonton soon. Take care. Al

  • jp on

    great web site !!

  • Mark Daniels on

    Thanks for not only being a bass inspiration, but also for always dealing with fans (like myself) with civility and grace. Many could learn from your approach and integrity.

  • Dave on

    Followed you way back to the Stage one days, out in Williamsville, never forget the night Van Halen played and after the show the band went to the stage one to party, one of most coolest things I ever saw was Eddie and billy Sheehan taking turns doing solos that night, later that night DLR annocced to the Talas will be the opening act for the rest of the VH tour, what a awesome experience. All the best Bill, inbox me sometime and I could share how my uncle was your teacher way way back at Wally Svidas music store in Cheektowaga .

  • Dedie Triono on

    I love billy…
    you is my big influence
    thank you billy sheehan….

  • Scott Fegette on

    Congrats, Billy! It’s been a long time since open I haunted your open counseling sessions at MI, but I’m looking forward to following your new site. Thanks for all the great music over the years, and kudos on the new Winery Dogs gig- monstrous :)

  • Tony on

    Great sight Billy! I have enjoyed following you on fb. I first saw you in Knoxville Tn. with DLR . You helped me decide to play bass . Liking the Winery Dogs stuff!!

  • Dual on

    I look forward to following your stories. Miss ya & all the good times. Dual

  • Peter Pandolfo on

    Hi there Billy, we first met at MI in 83 when I came up on stage with you and Tim Bogert and Jammed.
    Out of somewhere Tim and I did this random cut in sync. together and you looked at me with this awesome double take lol! Later you stepped in to one of the studios to see me rehearse with my band. We were playing Captain Nemo and you commented to me that you liked the way I weaved around the beat. Later you judged the guitar contest that Paul Gilbert won on the Suset Stip. It has been a pleasure to follow you going back to Tallis.

  • Dawn from buffalo on

    awesome billy! ive been a fan since the talas days at mickey rats…what good times!! you’re awesome & i’m proud to brag about you still to this day!

  • John Rigdon on

    Hey Billy,greetings from Texas! I watched an interview of yours on YouTube a while back and it really inspired me. You spoke about everyone, no matter where they’re from,having a chance to make it. So thank you for the inspiration. Safe travels!

  • Rand Parsons on

    Billy, you are simply amazing! I just saw you here in Seattle at the Winery Dogs gig. Wow, what a great band and I loved your solo. Love to see you do more projects like Niacin and Explorers Club.

  • Kent Andersson on

    I’ve been waiting for this,lot’s of info and awsome pics…
    Greetings from Sweden

  • Derrick Henrickson on

    Been a fan for a cpl decades…good stuff…keep rocking!

  • Christoph Parzer on

    hallo Billy ,its long time ago we met in LA on the NAMM its coll your got your own new website,im still by producing and composing stuff in vienna now,after a long time in caracas,have a nice time my friend,god bless you,,chris

  • Jon Markese on

    This site works, and looks fantastic. Great to see it, congrats!

  • Dawn on

    Hello Billy, so glad to see you here! <3

  • Bluto on

    Good Job , Love it bro !

  • Boee on

    How I’ve waited for this moment!!

  • Ayako on

    It is indeed about the time, Billy. And it looks fantastic, well done !!!!!

  • Rose Schreiber aka icecakes on

    A new website is awesome news! Looks great!

  • Mark Gigant on

    Your new site is awesome !

    Hope to see you again here in the Philippines one day !!!
    Oh yeah keep the awesome music and solos coming ! ♥

  • Mike DeRosa on

    Greetings and salutations from Japan Billyさん, Michelle Holland sent me here, and I wanted to be the 1st to write in Japanese ;-)  いつもがんばって下さい。。。Never give up, never stop!

    Warm Regards! \m/

  • Michelle Holland on

    The new website looks great !!! Love it !!

  • Greg on

    Dear billy aka mr. Big iv been playing for 40 yrs my idles are paul mcartney geddy lee Criss squire roger glover I learned fly by night 2112 permanent waves moving pictures and signals plus several other significantly difficult songs along the way from groups like Kansas montrose frank Marino and mahogany rush UFO and the Beatles deep purple and the list goes on I thought that I had pretty much concurred the bass till yu came along and showed me that I had a long long way to go yet so I just wanted to say thank yu for rekindling the flame for playing that had dwindled to a flicker and thank yu for revealing yur secrets as to how yu manage to do the things yu do on the bass rock on billy badass lol

  • Andy Turner on

    Great to see the new site up and running! Looking forward to hearing of new tours and clinics inthe uk sometime in 2014!

  • Terry Law on

    “One of these days,” has finally happened! Nice update!

  • Billy Sheehan on

    My new website—finally!

    • Billy Sheehan on

      It’s about time!

    • Steve Amaon on

      Nice…love that you included vintage pics too!

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